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What is Guided Meditation?


Guided meditation is a process in which the meditation is led by a teacher, either in person or by video or audio. When starting out first, it is best to have an expert guide you through the fundamentals of your meditation practice. Whatever skill we are learning in life, it is critical to have an experienced teacher we can trust and relate to. However, when it comes to exploring the complexities and subtleties of the mind, it is not only important but also necessary. Before embarking on what will be a life-changing journey, it is always a good idea to first understand what we hope to achieve through meditation.

Some hopes to achieve stress free life because Meditation has become a popular stress-reduction technique for many people. For some, it aids in the promotion of better health, including a higher quality of sleep. For some people, no matter what they're going through in life, it is way to achieve some 'headspace' — that underlying sense or feeling of contentment and peace. When we're in a better mental state, we're more likely to interact positively with others, implying that meditation can benefit our relationships as well.

Traditional meditation students are first taught how to view the contents of the mind and how to approach the various exercises in order to get the most out of their practice. They are then taught how to meditate in order to improve their skills. Then comes the integration phase, in which you learn how to incorporate the calm and clarity you gained during meditation into your daily life.

Instructor explains the underlying forces of the mind and how it is likely to act during meditation. (This is the strategy.) Guided meditation techniques may also be explained by the teacher. (This is standard procedure.) Finally, the instructor may explain how to apply these techniques in everyday situations. (This is the process of integrating.)

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