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Begginner's Guide to Yoga for Weight - Loss

In general yoga is very effective in helping you lose weight and in toning your body, the types of movements you do and how you do them contributes a lot in how intense and fast your results will be.

Yoga exercises works so well for fat loss because it is a full body workout that helps convert your body fat into lean muscles, which boosts your metabolism and makes burning extra calories lot easier. There are many varieties of yoga for beginners' weight-loss.

However, when it comes to meeting your weight loss goals, it is very important to choose right type of yoga you practice and how frequently you practice these exercises.


What type of yoga practises are best for fat loss?

Instead of slow and relaxing yoga practices, faster and more intense style of yoga will produce better results to meet your fat loss goals. Yoga workout can help you in burning calories by reducing your stress and encouraging mindful eating, but if you really want to see fast results, you need to get your heat beating fast and activate your muscles.

There are different types of yoga practises for weight loss, but vinyasa yoga is one of the best and most popular in burning fat and for its ability to shape your body while having a fun.

Vinyasa yoga is simply a type of yoga that consists of a series of postures that create a "flow." Typically, it begins with a gentle warm-up, progresses through a series of poses known as "vinyasas," and concludes with relaxing poses. This is the best type of yoga for beginners' weight-loss.

It is unique each time you perform it and it allows you to be very active and creative with your routines. This type of yoga practise can include many different movements and poses that it's actually fun to do it without knowing what’s coming next. 

At Trexova, one of the leading fitness platforms in India, the majority of our yoga for beginners' weight-loss packages in our library are vinyasa-based. Practicing yoga like this has numerous advantages for fat loss and it makes getting in shape fun. Explore our online weight loss library to check out that routine!